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                      Welcome to ShanDong New Cowi Electronics!
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                      Core Products
                      Specializing in electronic products, committed to quality improvement

                      Sincere Cooperation

                      To Achieve Win-win Situation

                      Comprehensive CompetitivenessA comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales as one

                      With a complete set of processes and procedure With mature and advanced production technology and equipment 23 years’experience of self-development,have successful development project of fast charging products

                      Production AbilityCapable of processing and producing、providing various products and customized services

                      9 production linesof SMT high-speed surface mount、14 automatic inserting machines 15production linesof PBA、4 final assembly linesof end products/ PBASMT Capacity of SMT is 15 billionAI is 500 million and can succeed in producing8 millionPCB products,100 thousand driving records

                      Advantage of IntegrationBased on Beiyang Group, playing integration advantages of resources

                      Business field of Beiyang group covers electronic manufacturing、technical innovation, information service and so on Sharing the advantages of price、production and supporting scheme

                      Quality AssuranceRun strictly according to quality management systems, guarantee the quality

                      Tier 1 supplier of Brand & Famous enterprises like HP, Haier and so on/ HP, Haier Have qualifications of ISO 9001、ISO14001 Professional after-sales team with the best quality
                      ABOUT US
                      ABOUT US
                      We are the integrated high-tech enterprise,including R&D

                      Founded at March 31st 2004, SHANDONG NEW COWI ELECTRONICS is the wholly owned subsidiary of Beiyang Group,which is one of the biggest state-owned electronic groups in Shandong province. NEW COWITEL with a registered capital of 15 million CNY and plant area of 9,130 square meters is the integrated high-tech enterprise including R&D, production and sales...[More]

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